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Burger packaging made from natural fibers

The market needs of the gastronomy are diverse and individual. Nevertheless, there are overlaps that unite kitchens of all types. Increasingly, customers prefer to eat their food away from the restaurant. Whether in the streets, in the park or at home, the demand for natural and sustainable packaging has risen sharply due to changes in consumer behavior.

In the fast-food industry, the folding box, called a clamshell, is often used to package the ever-popular American Burger, for example. With increasing environmental awareness among customers, there is a desire to turn to plastic-free or entirely natural alternatives. The natural-fiber clamshell offers just that.

In addition, the sustainable packaging must fulfil the usual functions: The food must retain its aroma and freshness. In addition, the clamshell must offer optimal product protection while remaining stable and sealed.

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For these and similar requests from our partners, we at Kiefel have developed a solution that can meet these requirements and go far beyond them. We offer suitable machines and service solutions for packaging manufacturers or brand owners.

Of course, food safety is our top priority. Part of our offer is a detailed consultation to determine the actual need. On request, we also carry out a feasibility analysis (“proof of concept”) to determine the feasibility with the help of our NATUREFORMER KFT machine.

In order to achieve the best quality and food suitability, primary fibers (virgin fibers) should be used. Pure cellulose guarantees a neutral taste, which is no longer the case with materials such as CTMP (chemi-termical mechanical pulp).

Our KFT 90 Speed from the NATUREFORMER machine series can supply clamshells made of natural fiber at top quality with our own fiber tooling technology.

Thus, we offer our customers a win-win situation. With the help of our machines, they produce an environmentally friendly packaging product that meets the end consumer’s demand for sustainability.

Make an appointment with one of our experts at your preferred time. The Fiber Team is looking forward to meeting you!

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