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The wishes of customers are rarely as clearly stated as when it comes to packaging: sustainability is an essential component. Our modern thermoforming technology offers the possibility to process a wide range of materials. You can choose from classic, recyclable plastics such as rPET, bio-based materials including PLA or even natural fibers – Whatever your choice, Kiefel has the right machine, tool and automation solution for you.

The wide range of raw materials that can be used for this purpose in the field of natural fibers gives you full flexibility. You will not only receive a high-quality packaging, which is exactly tailored to your individual design wishes, but also a packaging solution that offers optimal protection for your product.

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Fiber thermoforming
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Circular economy with the NATUREFORMER

The over goal is clear: packaging must become sustainable. With the Naturformer KFT, this goal is within reach. This is achieved with a machine of outstanding performance.

KFT 90 KFT Lab
Max. forming area 900 x 600 mm 300 x 200 mm
Max. height of formed part >120 mm 120 mm
Pressing force 450 kN 26 kN
Formed weight per cycle 300 g
Footprint 10.8 x 4.6 x 3.5 m 3.7 x 3.1 m
Proven Kiefel top product quality Very high molding accuracy due to type 3 fiber molding process
Everything from a single source from the system provider From fiber preparation to automation - machine concept with integrated pulp basin and end product packaging solutions
Full flexibility With product heights of up to 120 mm, molding area 900 x 600 mm
Proven Kiefel modules Proven and reliable toggle concept with servo drives, punching force up to 450 kN and years of success in the market
High degree automationAutomation solutions such as stacking, sleeving, boxing, palletizing, automatic inspection, etc.
Reddot Winner 2020 Best of the best interface design

Unlimited flexibility thanks to natural fibers

Whether waterproof, biodegradable, or optimal product protection: With thermoforming all doors are open to your product ideas. From food to technical packaging, everything is possible.

Fiber raw material at Kiefel
Virgin fibersVirgin fibers or virgin pulp (e.g. CTMP, NBSK, UKP) are mainly used in the food sector. Here, certified materials are primarily used to ensure compliance with food industry regulations for paper packaging. High demands on appearance, quality (surface and edge geometries), strength and stable production processes are the top priorities.
Fiber raw material at Kiefel
Recycling fibersRecovered paper, such as paper and cardboard - previously dissolved in a water bath - form the primary material. However, these fibers e.g. ONP and OCC can still be the basis for high-quality packaging, such as technical packaging, inlays and flower pots.
Fiber raw material at Kiefel
Alternative fibers and annual plants Here, for example, some varieties of annual plants, wheat straw pulp, bagasse or silphia are used. Due to the versatile fiber materials, there are extensive areas of application and high-quality primary as well as secondary packaging can be produced. Here, the focus lies on the idea of a circular economy and regional recycling.

Take a closer look with us

Expertise, research and development are the cornerstones of our work. Our Packaging Technology Centres as well as our Material R&D Centres are dedicated exclusively to the question of how we can optimise packaging and material. This knowledge can also be at your disposal.

A NATUREFORMER KFT can produce a variety of natural fibre packaging.
Processing procedures, cycles and process parameters are checked and optimised. This saves resources and guarantees a high output.
Real-life tests are used to put the products through their paces and check the previously defined requirements. Barrier properties, edge quality, stacking function etc. are checked before the final product is approved.
The material has to be dosed and weighed correctly according to the formula so that the required product is created in the end.
A fibre suspension or paper stock is produced from the inserted material using various technical modules (e.g. HP pulper, deflaker, pressure sorter).
The natural fibre pulp that is produced can be tested for consistency, flow behaviour in the fabric flow and the effects of the different additives.
Packaging Technology Center
The Packaging Technology Centers offer insights into the machine portfolio for the production of natural fibre but also plastic packaging. The natural fibres/fibres sector offers the NATUREPREP KFP series for the qualitative stock preparation of natural fibre pulp and the NATUREFORMER KFT series, on which various fibre products can be manufactured.
Material Center
The Material R&D Center is the starting point for product developments with our customers. Here, various natural fibres are researched, analysed, categorised and coating concepts for packaging made of natural fibres are designed. Afterwards, they are tested on pilot plants and optimised for the processing procedure.

TEC Talks on R&D


New Packaging + Material R&D Center
Material R&D Center - Services for Natural Fibers
Kiefels' Packaging Technology + Material R&D Centers
NATUREFORMER KFT - speed up sustainable growth
Meeting situation with customers in our Packaging Technology Center at Kiefel

We take the first step for you

Fiber Thermoforming requires a wide range of different raw materials. Kiefel’s complete package takes care of the qualitative stock preparation and thus covers the entire production process.



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Principle instead of product feature

For us, that means a commitment to sustainability and the promise of materials, product to machinery to technologies that strive for the greatest possible environmental compatibility. We always act with the aim of reducing waste, reusing recyclable materials, and recycling used materials.

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